Benefits of STPI (Software Technology Park of India) Registration for Exporters in IT service providers from India

During audit review we used to see many IT service providers, not registering with STPI. If you are earning in foreign exchange currency, by providing services in IT (Informational Technology) area, then register with STPI. It will save you from many hassles from government department.

Two types of registration available.

1. Registering as STPI unit (Suitable for companies registered with MCA)

2. Non-STPI registration (Any form of entity can register, including individuals)

Why to register?

a.      STPI certify your export invoices through SOFTEX form procedure.

b.      GST department will not harass you with show cause notice. Even if they harass, you have certified export invoice.

c.      You can import duty free IT systems if you are registered as STPI unit and established a bond with custom.

For any questions in STPI registration and monthly compliance’s, you can contact us